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asherah-seren asked: your style is very clean, your stretch remains clear and definite in the lineart, while I find it most smooth/soft when you use colours, which are more liveliest in traditional drawing and softer and opaque in digital, anyway, i find your style original and unique and i love it. Sorry for my bad english, i did try xD

Duuu thank you m’dear. <3 (Lol, I almost did the DA emoticon text… clearly I’m much more familiar with it XD) I’m sloooowly trying to figure out how to make my digital colors a little more interesting, but it’s an uphill battle. ;) Thanks for answering, hugs forever :3

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Fixed link

Anyone who was having trouble with the clickthrough on my last post (I think this is just solfi and @kanehon): I changed the link from Tinypic to Photobucket, since I suspect the problem was with Tinypic. Hopefully this’ll actually work!

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$5 Headshots are now CLOSED. Thanks! <3

All right- I’ve taken a whole bunch of these and I wanted it to be a very limited-time thing, so for now I’m closed. More to be posted! :) If you’ve already contacted me and/or paid, your spot is saved and you’re on the list for upcoming ones! Again, thank you to everyone who reblogged or followed (or liked or commented!)- your support means the world. C:

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$5 Headshot Sale!

Hello folks! I’ve found myself a little time between projects and I’m doing a $5 headshot sale! Headshots will be delivered digitally and are lineart only, like these:


  • If you want a commission, please send me an email at titled “$5 headshots” with the necessary character info included. Please also include at least one link to a reference image so I have something to work from :)
  • I will reply to emails in the order they came in, as long as they have the required character info and image/s. . In my reply, I’ll include my Paypal info and your total ($5 per character headshot). If you Note me without the info, I’ll move on to the next person in line until you get the info to me.
  • Once I receive payment via Paypal, I’ll get started on your headshot/s! As I finish these, I’ll contact the next person in line and so on.

Sound good? (I hope so!) As always, thank you so much for your support- every follower, comment, like, and reblog makes me a very happy person. <3 Thanks so much!

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More OC meme requests: solfi requested more Blanche, with 16 (playing a sport) and 9 (making three different expressions). Doing her again has been fun, I think this is probably more art-love than Blanche has gotten from me the whole time she’s been a character. (How she feels about this is the middle expression on the bottom, I think. For SHAME.)

The sport I picked for her is an ancestor of modern-day badminton, which was once upon a time called battledore and shuttlecock, and was played frequently by both children and adults. Also, the paddles could apparently skew to the fancy, so… fancy paddle. ;) The game actually dates back to ancient Greece, so I could’ve pictured her at pretty much any time, but I really wanted to put her in a fancy, stiff, starchy baroque dress, because I can’t think of better garb for athletic activity I guess? >_>

Expressions; not much to say here. Scared, disgusted/angry, and young-teen crushin’. The veil/circlet/gorget thing is very 14th century, since that’s the era when she enters the story, so I’ve often thought of this headgear as her “default”. Or at least, the starter.

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sighter asked: I could be absurd and anonymous about it, or I could just ask and say it. Having a good spring so far? Also, the arts lately have been very awesome. :D

Haha, anon or not this is still a good question :D I am, actually! Definitely a busy spring, so it’s not without its stress… but generally, yes, it’s been good. Arting full time is rewarding… just not in a monetary sense. ;) Thank you for asking! (And of course for the compliment too <3) I hope yours is going well too!

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