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Finally got the okay to show these cards from January! The rest of my set of cards for Perna Studios’ Classic Mythology II set. From top to bottom, left to right: Bastet (Egyptian); Freyja (Norse); Selene & Endymion (Greek); Gaia & Uranus (Greek); Medusa (Greek); the Morrigan (Celtic); Taranis (Celtic).

All are 2.5” x 3.5”, done with Copic marker, micron pen and white gel pen.

Part 1 of these cards is here: X

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blacksirensolo asked: I always kind of thought your work was comparative to folk-styled fairytale art, mixed with a little golden-age comic air. It’s modern, but you’ve got strings tied down to those past influences (not dependently either!) You made your own style and it’s lovely! Also your love for drawing fashion makes me think of fashion artbooks, but that’s just an afterthought. :P As is that your work is delicate in essence - which is rarely done so well!

I love this answer and I want to keep it in my inbox forever, but I also want to reply and not lose it. :3 Honestly, I’ve always assumed my style was a little old-fashioned (and I don’t really mind that), so all of this makes sense (although admittedly, the golden age comic look is kind of a surprise- I haven’t looked at much from that time, so maybe it’s a totally unconscious influence?). A lot of my really early inspirations were folk tale and fairy tale illustrations, so it’s really interesting to think that the roots run deep enough to still be there.

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asherah-seren asked: your style is very clean, your stretch remains clear and definite in the lineart, while I find it most smooth/soft when you use colours, which are more liveliest in traditional drawing and softer and opaque in digital, anyway, i find your style original and unique and i love it. Sorry for my bad english, i did try xD

Duuu thank you m’dear. <3 (Lol, I almost did the DA emoticon text… clearly I’m much more familiar with it XD) I’m sloooowly trying to figure out how to make my digital colors a little more interesting, but it’s an uphill battle. ;) Thanks for answering, hugs forever :3

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Fixed link

Anyone who was having trouble with the clickthrough on my last post (I think this is just solfi and @kanehon): I changed the link from Tinypic to Photobucket, since I suspect the problem was with Tinypic. Hopefully this’ll actually work!

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$5 Headshots are now CLOSED. Thanks! <3

All right- I’ve taken a whole bunch of these and I wanted it to be a very limited-time thing, so for now I’m closed. More to be posted! :) If you’ve already contacted me and/or paid, your spot is saved and you’re on the list for upcoming ones! Again, thank you to everyone who reblogged or followed (or liked or commented!)- your support means the world. C: